Catching up on Past Projects!

Hey knitters!

This is a post I’m moving over from my old blog covering some old knitting projects that I have finished over the past year or two, enjoy!

Apologies for this one being so photo heavy….


Some bright blue fingerless gloves, it took me years to find another ball of yarn that matched the first glove so that I could finish the pair!



My first circle scarf.  I made this for my mom =)  I just used a really bulky yarn and knit a straight scarf and then used mattress stitch to join the ends, it’s perfect =)


This was for my sister, a softer bulky yarn.  This circle scarf has more drape and is incredibly warm.

Blue for my grandma,

And grey for me!

This one is a one-looper, the others all wrap around at least twice.

Really bulky hat that’s soooo amazingly warm!!  Pattern from here



A cute little ipod/iphone cozy with a headphone pocket

These are the first hats that I ever knit.  You can tell I hadn’t learned how to weave the ends in yet =P.

And this was my first project EVER!  Just a simple straight scarf and a really simple cable just going in one direction.  It’s full of mistakes, but I still love it =D


And these…  These are my pride and joy.  My most complex project to date.  Knitted in the round, I love these socks!  It was my first time using a graph pattern and doing lace knitting.  I got the same colour for both, but somehow the weight of the yarn is different!!!  so frustrating.  But they are comfy and warm, and I need to make myself another pair.

Coming up I have 2 berets (one currently in progress) and my next project is going to be a huge cozy blanket.  Can’t wait to show you!!



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